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New Article on “Mythical Jesus”

December 13, 2017

With apologies to readers fed up with the “mythical Jesus” discussions, I simply note a newly published article comprising a careful, fair, and incisive critique of Richard Carrier’s book:  Daniel N. Gullotta, “On Richard Carrier’s Doubts:  A Response to Richard Carrier’s On the Historicity of Jesus:  Why We Might Have Reason for Doubt,” Journal for the Study of the Historical Jesus 15 (2017):  310-46.

There is an abstract here, and you can purchase the article if the journal isn’t otherwise available (e.g., through univ/college library).

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  1. I can assure you, I read his book. Cover to cover.

  2. As long as there are people saying that Jesus didn’t exist, you can’t say that he did too many times. If people are getting that fact wrong, they’re denying all of history and the faith and will have no grounds to ever believe either. It’s amazing that mythical Jesus non-sense has ever taken a foothold of any kind, but there will continue to be people who believe it if there aren’t a plethora of clear sources denouncing it.

  3. Rick Hannon permalink

    Does anyone know how to purchase the full article? Might be operator error, but I didn’t see an option on the site.

  4. I think it’s great to see this going on. It would be wonderful to see many scholars come together and finally state what a joke this stuff is.

    • Sam Hoff permalink

      Carrier always said Jesus was viewed as having a human body. This Gullotta guy clearly just skimmed Carrier’s book.

      • No, Sam. “this Gullotta guy” actually pretty accurately represents Carrier’s view, which is that Jesus wasn’t an earthly figure. So, whatever you think “a human body” is, if it isn’t here on earth, then it’s something other than anything we know.

      • Sam Hoff permalink

        Carrier always said Jesus was viewed as having a human body.

        How would he be crucified per Psalm 22.16 and Zechariah 12.10, if he didn’t have a human body?

      • Carrier makes him “human” in some extra-terrestrial realm, where also he places the crucifixion. Goofy stuff.

      • Craig Mack permalink

        Yes, “viewed as having a human body” is a commentary about the view by many, in the past and the present; and is contrary to one view that Carrier has, albeit his main proposition.

      • I think some people just can’t believe that some people can actually read Carrier’s book, like myself, and walk away unconvinced.

      • Yes, Nick. So many, many of us are just inconsiderate “liars”, and unable to perceive the clinching case that Carrier has laid. Ah well!

      • Dr. Hurtado. Who are you and I, mere mortals, to question the Carrier? He has spoken and the case is closed.

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