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The Site Word Cloud

January 10, 2018

I now and then get asked to comment on something that I’ve posted on already, sometimes a year or more earlier.  I wonder if some readers don’t grasp the function of the “word cloud” on this site (the words/phrases of various sizes on the right side of the home page).  I try to “tag” my posts appropriately, and so you can usually find any posting I’ve made on subjects in the word cloud by simply clicking on a given word.  Readers may find that it saves them time in finding things, and saves me from having to repeat myself!

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  1. John Mitrosky permalink

    Thank you Larry. May I just add that folks can also plug in the names of other scholars to your blog’s insightful search engine. So, for example, if someone writes “James H. Charlesworth” and clicks “Search” just above the word “Tags”, they can also see your interaction with other scholars on exciting and interesting issues. I wish I was a scholar and could plug my own name in here too, That would help with those of us suffering the early signs of dementia (lol), but alas, I’m only an interested laymen.

    • Nemo permalink


      You could find your past comments on this blog by plugging your name in google search. I just searched for “mitrosky hurtado” (without the double quotes) and found two pages of hits.

      Hope that helps.

  2. Donald Jacobs permalink

    I know I like to click on “LXX” and “nomina sacra”. It would be good if there was a “Tetragrammaton” to click on too.

    • Donald Jacobs permalink

      Well it’s true there’s no Tetragram in the extant word cloud, but maybe it was there originally and got lost in transmission. In either case it’s present in many early fragmentary posts themselves if one digs a little deeper using the search function.

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