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“Christianity at the Crossroads”: US Edition

March 13, 2018

In an earlier posting here I noted the publication of Michael Kruger’s very useful book on second-century Christianity:  Christianity at the Crossroads.  The US edition has now appeared (IVP Academic, the publisher’s online entry here).

This will make it easier for obtaining the book for use in courses, and it is an excellent introduction to that “Cinderella period” of Christianity.  Kruger wisely chose to provide copious references to primary sources, to guide students into the evidence, rather than to canvass all intricacies of scholarly debates about this or that matter.  But the major issues are certainly addressed, and the major scholarly contributions noted.

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  1. jk1419 permalink

    What do you mean by Cinderella period?

    • I mean that the 2nd century has often been overlooked in favor of the first century (by NT scholars), and in favor of later centuries (by Patristics scholars).

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