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Holland on Ehrman’s “The Triumph of Christianity” . . . and another book

March 28, 2018

There is a review of Bart Ehrman’s latest book, The Triumph of Christianity, by the historian, Tom Holland, published in The Spectator here.  And Holland commends another book as well.

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  1. If anyone is interested in the other book some, you can get a preview of it here. I interviewed Dr. Hurtado on my blog. Two hours of talking about Destroyer of the Gods.

  2. Dr Hurtado,

    I rather like the sound of the other book 🙂

  3. I must confess to not yet having read Ehrman’s new book. Bit I have read other books by him and know where he is coming from.
    I have, however, read the other book that Holland here briefly reviews and concur with him that it is the author of this latter book who is both “better qualified to recognise [certain factors that contributed to the appeal of Christianity] than Ehrman”, and that the book in question does indeed “tease out … the implications” of certain aspects of Christian doctrines and ethics.
    This second book is definitely to be recommended, in my opinion.

  4. Jacob H. permalink

    well-deserved #humblebrag ^_^

    • Yeah, Jacob, shameless of me, I know. But I do like to have my books read;-)

      • Dr H.,
        And as was pointed out in the review; your books, especially, “Destroyer of the Gods”, deserved to be read. By the way, while disagreeing with Ehrman in some major observations, Dr. Kruger gave a positive review of “The Triumph of Christianity”.


  5. Glad to see your good book getting more notice, Larry–even if it’s from someone who repeats the old canard about Constantine converting to Christianity ahead of the Edict of Milan, etc. I’m no expert on late antique Christianity, but I’m pretty sure scholars agree that Constantine didn’t get baptized until his deathbed and was cagily careful about any Christian profession all the while before that…no?

    • Yes, I too think that specialist of Constantine and his time remain somewhat divided over what to make of his personal stance . . . at least at that early stage.

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