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Twitter Sabotage

March 29, 2018

I’ve just now discovered that someone has created a false Twitter account pretending to be mine, so that they can ascribe things to me that I didn’t write.  Pretty sad and infantile.   The false account is @LarryVVHurtado (note the double V instead of W).  Nothing from that Twitter account is authentic from me.


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  1. I found Stanley Porter’s view here

    Are Ph.D dissertation and commentary writing one and the same?

    • Seakarroseose (is this your real name? We use real names on this site).

      • yes Sir, this is my real name. I just wanted a clarification. So far i have understood Ph.D dissertation must have new findings of the budding scholar. So plagiarism has relevancy. But what to do with numerous NT commentaries? Most of the NT commentaries i read from baker and eerdmans seemed to repeat the same point over and over again(which is already said by someone in the past). After reading Stanley Porter’s view(in the link i have given),it partially reflected my view. That is why i gave the link(not to find fault with Dr.Lee martin’s view).

      • SEkarosee: The PhD dissertation is supposed to represent some original work by the student, including findings or analysis deemed to be sufficiently important to justify publication of the findings.

  2. leemartinmcdonald permalink

    Fortunately, I don’t think it is, but as you probably are aware an American NT scholar has published commentaries that have recently been dropped by two publishers with offers to reimburse those who purchased his work. Much of the research in the commentaries was taken from other publications without acknowledgement and included as his own. It has been subsequently discovered that this was his common practice for years. I was also involved in the rejection of a dissertation along with the supervising professor and we discovered significant amounts of the research that was taken from others without acknowledgment but submitted as his own scholarship. I’m glad we were able to discover it and rejected the dissertation. This does happen, but I don’t think it is that often. Thanks for all you continue to do to advance good thinking about biblical inquiry. —Lee

  3. Larry: I’m sorry that this is happening to you, and you are right to be frustrated. However, it might lessen the blow to think of it this way: you are sufficiently well-known and influential that someone thinks you are worth impersonating. Just as musical artists know they’ve “made it” when Weird Al Yankovic parodies their songs, perhaps you could see “Twitter impersonation” as some sort of milestone in your public life.

    (Then again, it’s not quite the same, since Weird Al asks for permission, and is generally not malicious…)

  4. Neil Macnaughton permalink

    How pathetic!

  5. leemartinmcdonald permalink

    I agree with your disappointment. It is sad that such things happen today. More commonly is the sad practice of some so-called scholars who publish other’s work in their own name.

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