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Historical Roots of “Trinitarian” Theology

May 24, 2018

I’m pleased to have a contribution included in a recently-published multi-author volume: The Bible and Early Trinitarian Theology, eds. Christopher A. Beeley and Mark E. Weedman (Catholic University of America Press, 2018; the publisher’s online catalogue entry here).

The book arose from a multi-year consultation unit in the Society of Biblical Literature, and I am honored to be included with a stellar group of scholars in NT and Patristics.  After an introduction by the editors, here are the contents:

“Scholarship on the Old Testament Roots of Trinitarian Theology:  Blind Spots and Blurred Vision,” Bogdan G. Bucur

“Observations on the ‘Monotheism’ Affirmed in the New Testament,” Larry W. Hurtado

“Trinitarian Theology and the Fourth Gospel,” Harold W. Attridge

“The Johannine Riddles and Their Place in the Development of Trinitarian Theology,” Paul N. Anderson

“The Gospel of John and Early Trinitarian Thought:  The Unity of God in John, Irenaesus, and Tertullian,” Marianne Meye Thompson

“The Johannine Prologue before Origen,” Mark J. Edwards

“Basil of Caesarea on John 1:1 as an Affirmation of Pro-Nicene Trinitarian Doctrine,” Mark DelCogliano

“Paul and the Trinity,” Stephen E. Fowl

“Paul and His Legacy to Trinitarian Theology,” Adela Yarbro Collins

“The Image and Unity of God:  The Role of Colossians 1 in Theological Controversy,”   Jennifer R. Strawbridge

“The Spirit and the Letter:  2 Corinthians 3:6 and the Legacy of Origen in Fourth-Century Greek Exegesis,” Christopher A. Beeley

“Augustine’s Move from a Johannine to a Pauline Trinitarian Theology,” Mark E. Weedman

My contribution is a revised form of a presentation originally given at a conference in Lausanne several years ago.  I’ve uploaded the pre-publication form of the essay to this blog site under the “Selected Published Essays” tab here.

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  1. Arvo permalink

    Hello, Professor Hurtado.

    If one wanted to gain a working knowledge of the history of the development of trinitatian theology, this seems like an obvious choice. Other volumes addressing the question of the relationship of Jesus of Nazareth to Yahweh of the OT include your “Ancient Jewish Monotheism and Early Christian Jesus-Devotion”. “God in NT Theology”, and “Lord Jesus Christ.”

    Any other books that might be required reading if there were a class on the subject? “One God, One Lord”?



  2. It’s my hope that the array of essays here all unanimously denounce this ridiculous pile of Gnostic trash called the Trinity doctrine, instead of striving in vain to support it. Otherwise the book won’t be worth the paper it’s printed on.

    • David: Always good to hear from such an open-minded, generous reader, whose careful tone invites further discussion! (Not!)

  3. Craig Downey permalink

    Looks like a great set of essays! It might be worth mentioning that for those with institutional access to Project Muse the essays are available:

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