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Honoring the Son: New Book Out Now

June 25, 2018

A two-week holiday break (in Canada) and subsequent illness has meant stillness on this blog site (but maybe that’s not all bad!).  More medical tests today, but a short note on my latest book:  Honoring the Son:  Jesus in Earliest Christian Devotional Practice (Lexham Press).  The publisher’s online catalog entry here.

This small volume (68 pp) is intended for a wide spectrum of readers, and I attempt to summarize some of the main historical points that I’ve tried to make over the past 30 years or so.

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  1. Dr Hurtado… this excerpt is well worded and seminal “Jews, in other words, often seem to have accepted that the pagan gods were, or reflected, real beings. That was not the issue. Instead, it was their validity as recipients of worship that was the issue….”
    This gives an excellent premise. Well Done sir, Well Done. Look forward to reading, Thank you

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