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Calling All Interested in Papyri

June 26, 2018

I’ve been asked to circulate the following invitation from Prof. William Johnson to any/all seriously interested in the study of ancient papyri:

If you have papyrological interests, I want to point out to you the great deal offered by the American Society of Papyrologists. An individual ASP membership costs $35, and for that you will an annual subscription to theBulletin of the American Society of Papyrologists, almost 400 pages of high-quality papyrology spanning a wide range of subject matter, from editions to essays. Our new arrangement with Peeters Publishers allows us to offer this without shipping or other additional costs.
Where else can you subscribe to a papyrological journal for $35? (Or $16 if you are a student!)
To become a member, simply go to:
and click on the membership button.
Memberships also go to support the Society’s other activities, for which see the blurb below.
With best wishes to you all,
William Johnson
Secretary-Treasurer, American Society of Papyrologists

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