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New Article in Welt und Umwelt der Bibel

October 24, 2018

I’ve just received an advance copy of my invited article on how the NT writings originated and circulated in the earliest centuries, translated and published in Welt und Umwelt der Bibel 2018 (pp. 32-38):  “Wie entstehen und wie verbreiten sich die neutestamentlichen Schriften?”  So, those able to read German may find this a useful introductory-level discussion.

My thanks especially to Helga Kaiser, editor of the magazine, for her cordial communications and for overseeing what appears to me an excellent translation of my piece.


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  1. Martin permalink

    How would you say the status of German is in the field of new testament studies today? Mandatory, almost mandatory or as an additional benefit if you can it? Or something else? Personally I wish I had paid more attention during my German lessons in school!

    • German is still essential for advanced work in NT. There is still a lot published in German, and in NT research we still need to use a lot of older works, many of which are in German.

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