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Personal Update

October 26, 2018

I have been reluctant to use this space for personal matters, but because so many readers sent kind words of encouragement during my chemo therapy and hospital confinement, I feel obliged to give some update.  I underwent a two-stage chemo treatment for a type of leukemia (AML) that ran most of July through September.  I was released from hospital on 21 Sept, and my haematologist has now judged me to be in remission (no cancerous cells found in my blood tests or bone marrow tests).

So, for the foreseeable future, I simply have monthly checkups with him.  I also take a daily medicine designed to help prevent the reactivation of cancerous blood cells.

My thanks to all of you who expressed your concerns and encouragement.  The “intensive” chemo therapy was a real trial and battering of my body (I lost 14 kilos weight, all my head hair, and a lot of strength).  It will take about 6 months, I’m told, to regain strength more fully. But I’m feeling better almost daily.   (Now back to our regular programmes!)

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