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“Quests for Freedom”: Second Edition

May 11, 2019

The second edition of the multi-author volume, Quests for Freedom (edited by Michael Welker), has been published (Cascade Books, 2018; publisher’s online catalog entry here).  I posted about the book when it first appeared (here).  It’s a wide collection of essays on ideas of freedom ranging from the ancient world down through history to the present, and across different nations and religious groups.  Several essays, including my own, focus on NT material and early Christianity.  This second edition has the same essays, but now features a bibliography for each, plus indexes of scripture and names.

  • Elizabeth Schüssler Fiorenza, “Slave Wo/men and Freedom in the Pauline Tradition:  Some Methodological Reflections.”
  • Beverly Roberts Gaventa, “Freedom in Apocalyptic Perspective: A Reflection on Paul’s Letter to the Romans.”
  • Larry W. Hurtado, “Freed by Love and for Love:  Freedom in the New Testament.”
  • Hans-Joachim Eckstein, “The Innovative Concept of Freedom in Paul.”

The pre-publication version of my essay is posted on this web site under the “Selected Published Essays” tab.

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  1. During one of your interviews for Destroyer of the gods, you mentioned a story of a philosopher asking his teacher if we should love the gods. The response was we shouldn’t, for that would mean the gods would have to love us in return, and that’d be absurd!

    Very illustrative of the ‘distinctiveness’ part of your thesis, but do you recall the source for this exchange? Thanks

    • Sadly, no. I ran across the item in question long before I later came to see its significance.

  2. rwwilson147 permalink

    I greatly appreciate your many contributions to comprehensive clarification of the actual teachings of the New Testament. Having just read your “Freed by Love and for Love: Freedom in the New Testament” (from your Selected Published Essays menu) I am greatly encouraged by being reminded of the breadth and depth of the love of God embodied in Christ and manifest in the life of his people. There are so many distorted and disparaging perspectives being imposed in New Testament interpretation it is good to see in writing what seems so evident to me as well. Thanks.

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