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Heilig’s Paul & Empire Book in “Open Access”

May 31, 2019

In an earlier posting I mentioned Christoph Heilig’s book assessing claims about Paul’s stance vis-a-vis the Roman imperial regime (here).  He has just notified me that the book is now available “open access”, i.e., free to read.  See his note about the matter here.


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  1. Erich von Abele permalink

    Heilig in his Introduction mentions the apparently main thrust of his study, “…whether there is a political subtext in Paul’s letters…” vis-à-vis “a ‘hidden’ criticism of the Roman Empire…” — which reminds me of the interesting thesis of Simone Pétrement (1907-1992), a French scholar of the Christian origins of Gnosticism, who conjectured that the wild & crazy imagery and symbolisms of many of the Gnostic writings were purposefully camouflaging a subversive political content.

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