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Reviews of Fredriksen, “When Christians Were Jews”

June 25, 2019

In an earlier posting I pointed to my review of Paula Fredriksen’s recent book, When Christians Were Jews (here), the review appeared in the online journal, Marginalia here.

I point now to another essay-length review of the Fredriksen book (with some attention also to her studies of Augustine) in the Los Angeles Review of Books, by Brad East here.

East gives an appreciative, accurate review of the main points of Fredriksen’s book, along with some (to my mind) incisive critique of some points.  Kudos to Fredriksen for this kind of scholarly attention, and to East for his intelligent and balanced review.

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  1. Hanoch permalink

    Comments were closed on ‘The Jewish Jesus of the NT Gospels’, so I hope you will forgive me for commenting here. You mention in your footnote that there are some thirty uses of Semitic loanwords in the Gospels, most of them likely Aramaic.

    I have had an article published – EQ 89.2 (2018), 162-180 – in which I suggest that _boanerges_ is Hebrew, and that it seems quite possible that Jesus himself coined the term _huioi brontes_. Thus the use of _onomata_ plural and not singular. Best wishes.

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