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“Paul and the Conflict of Cultures”–E.A. Judge

October 24, 2019

Just appeared:  Edwin Judge’s latest collection of essays, this one addressing the relevance of Paul (and early Christianity) for the development of things in Western culture that we take for granted (or mis-assign):  Paul and the Conflict of Cultures:  The Legacy of His Thought Today (Eugene, Oregon:  Cascade Books, 2019).  The publisher’s online catalog entry here.

Judge is the grand old man of ancient history in Australia.  He founded the department in Macquarie University, and in retirement for a number of years now continues to put forth his learning and wisdom.  An essayist above all, these and his other volumes of essays are bold, highly informed, and often provocative.  This volume begins with an extended introduction to how Judge’s thought on Paul developed, and giving also an overview of the remaining parts of the book.


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