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Selected Published Essays etc.

  • Wright critique– Return of YHWH essay.  This is the pre-publication version of my essay:  “YHWH’s Return to Zion: A New Catalyst for Earliest High Christology?,” in God and the Faithfulness of Paul, ed. Christoph Heilig, J. Thomas Hewitt and Michael F. Bird (Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2016), 417-38.
  • Hurtado–P.Oxy 1228.  The pre-publication version of my essay that was published in Studies on the Text of the New Testament and Early Christianity:  Essays  in Honor of Michael W. Holmes on the Occasion of His 65the Birthday, ed. Daniel M. Gurtner, Juan Herandez and Paul Foster (Leiden:  Brill, 2015), 206-16.
  • Interactive Diversity.  This is the pre-publication version of my published article in Journal of Theological Studies 64 (2013):  445-62.
  • Who Read Christian Apocrypha–SBL format.  This is a pre-publication version of my contribution (“Who Read Early Christian Apocrypha?”) in The Oxford Handbook of Early Christian Apocrypha, eds. A. Gregory & C. Tuckett (OUP, 2015), pp. 153-66.
  • Perth Symposium paper.  This is the pre-publication version of my essay, “Two Case Studies in Earliest Christological Readings of Biblical Texts,” published in All that the Prophets Have Declared:  The Appropriation of Scripture in the Emergence of Christianity, ed. Matthew R. Malcolm (Milton Keynes:  Paternoster Press, 2015), 3-23.
  • Nicholson–Dynamic Oneness review.  This is the pre-publication version of my review of Nicholson’s book, the published version in Journal of Theological Studies.   doi:10.1093/jts/flu166
  • Jesus in Earliest Christian Prayer.  The pre-publication version of my essay published in the multi-author volume, Early Christian Prayer and Identity Formation, eds. Reidar Hvalvik & Karl Olav Sandnes (Tuebingen:  Mohr Siebeck, 2014), pp. 35-56.
  • Hurtado–Textual Ambiguity in Acts (2).  This is the pre-publication version of my essay that appears in Texts and Traditions:  Essays in Honour of J. Keith Elliott, eds. Peter Doble & Jeffrey Kloha (Leiden/Boston:  Brill, 2014), 239-54.
  • Wright review–Paul and the Faithfulness of God.  This is the pre-publication version, published as a review-essay in the journal, Theology 117(2014): 361-65 (DOI: 10.1177/0040571X14537423)
  • Revelatory Experiences and Religious Innovation in Earliest Christianity.  This is the pre-publication version of my essay published now in Expository Times 125.10 (2014):  469-82.  DOI:  10.1177/0014524613497150.
  •  Oral Fixation in NT Studies– NTS 2014.  This is the published version of my critique of recent “performance criticism” proposals published in New Testament Studies 60 (2014).
  • Fashions Fallacies and Futures in NT Studies.  This is the pre-publication version of my essay, the published version in Journal for the Study of the New Testament.  Available in online form:  DOI: 10.1177/0142064X14529689.
  • Kyrios Christos Introduction–Hurtado.  This is the pre-publication form of my introduction to the reprint of the English translation of Kyrios Christos (Waco:  Baylor University Press, 2013), pp. v-xx.
  • JSHJ_011_01_03_Hurtado.  This article published in Journal for the Study of the Historical Jesus.  The thesis:  That the faith in Jesus’ resurrection prompted strong interest in the Jesus-tradition, the first “historical Jesus” interest.
  • Son of Man–Hurtado.  This is the pre-publication version of my essay published in ‘Who is This Son of Man’?  Latest Scholarship on a Puzzling Expression of the Historical Jesus, eds. Larry W. Hurtado & Paul L. Owen (London:  T&T Clark, 2011), 159-77.
  • GThomas Greek fragments.  This is the pre-publication form of my essay published in Das Thomasevangelium:  Entehung–Rezeption–Theologie, eds. Jorg Frey, Enno Edzard Popkes and Jens Schroeter (Berlin/New York:  Walter de Gruyter, 2008), pp. 19-32.
  • ACTS–christology.  This is the pre-publication version of my essay in Issues in Luke-Acts:  Selected Essays, ed. Sean A. Adams & Michael Pahl (Gorgias Press, 2012).
  • Manuscripts and the Sociology of Early Christian Reading.The pre-publication text of my contribution to the multi-author book:  The Early Text of the New Testament, ed. C. E. Hill & M. J. Kruger (Oxford University Press, 2012).
  • Nishan Forum 2012–God’s Love and Christian Ethics.  This is the text of my paper given at the Second Nishan Forum (Jining, China) in May 2012.
  • Accentuate the Positive–SBET article.  This is an invited address given last year at the annual meeting of the Scottish Evangelical Theology Society, published in the Scottish Bulletin of Evangelical Theology 30/1 (2012), 21-29.  The link to the journal =
  • P45 and Mark. This is the pre-publication version of my essay, the published version = Larry W. Hurtado, “P45 and the Textual History of the Gospel of Mark,” in The Earliest Gospels:  The Origins and Transmission of the Earliest Christian Gospels–The Contribution of the Chester Beatty Gospel Codex P45, ed. Charles Horton (London: T&T Clark International, 2004), 132-48
  • KJV and Biblical Scholarship.  This is the manuscript of my 2011 Ethel Wood Lecture given in King’s College London.  The published version:  Larry W. Hurtado, “The King James Bible and Biblical Scholarship,” Expository Times 122 (2011): 478-89.
  • NT Papyri.  This is the draft version of my presentation on the significance of early NT papyri for NT scholarship.  Published version = “The Early New Testament Papyri:  A Survey of Their Significance,” pp. 1-18 in Papyrologie und Exegese:  Die Auslegung des Neuen Testaments im Licht der Papyri, ed. Jens Herzer (WUNT 2/341; Tuebingen:  Mohr Siebeck, 2012).
  • Second-Third century Christian texts. This is my updated list of copies of literary texts in earliest manuscripts of Christian provenance, updated 11 August 2016.
  • Early Devotion to Jesus.  This is the manuscript of my article published in Expository Times 122/4 (2010): 167-76.
  • McGrath reveiw-essay  This is my extended review of James McGrath’s recent book:  The Only True God:  Early Christian Monotheism in its Jewish Context (2009).  A somewhat shorter version of the review will appear in Expository Times.
  • NT in second century essay.  This is the manuscript of a published essay in which I identify key forces shaping the transmission of the NT in the second century.  The published version is in Transmission and Reception:  NEw Testament Text-Critical and Exegetical Studies, eds. J.W. Childers & D. C. Parker (Piscataway, NJ:  Gorgias Press, 2006), 3-27.
  • Nishan Forum–Early Christianity  This is a PDF of the paper I gave to the first Nishan Forum on World Civilizations.  The paper appeared (with Chinese translation) in the Conference Proceedings of the Forum.
  • Hengel’s Impact For the published version: Larry W. Hurtado, “Martin Hengel’s Impact on English-Speaking Scholarship,” Expository Times 120, no. 2 (2008): 70-76
  • Meta-data of Early Christian mss This is the pre-publication version of an essay published in Identity and Interaction in the Ancient Mediterranean.  Jews, Christians and Others:  Essays in Honour of Stephen G. Wilson, eds. Zeba A. Crook and Philip A. Harland  (Sheffield:  Sheffield Phoenix Press, 2007), 149-63.
  • Dunn — Was Jesus Worshipped review This is a review-essay in which I engage Dunn’s stimulating book, Did the First Christians Worship Jesus? (London:  SPCK, 2010).
  • Remembrance and Revelation paperMy essay on the distinctive way that GJohn links “remembering” with revelations about Jesus.  The published version is in Israel’s God and Rebecca’s Children:  Christology and Community in Early Judaism and Christianity, eds. D. B. Capes, A. D. CeConick, H. K. Bond, T. A. Miller (Waco:  Baylor Univ Press, 2007), 195-213.
  • Oxford DSS handbook–angels christology monotheism.  This is the pre-publication version of my essay, “Monotheism, Principal Angels, and the Background of Christology”, in the Oxford Handbook to the Dead Sea Scrolls, eds. J. J. Collins & T. H. Lim (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2010), 546-64.
  • Staurogram essay. Here’s my manuscript in which I discuss this fascinating device as used in earliest Christian manuscripts.  Published version in New Testament Manuscripts:  Their Texts and Their World, eds. T. J. Kraus, Tobias Nicklas (Leiden:  Brill, 2006), 207-26.
  • The “Nomina Sacra”.  Here’s chart listing words given the special scribal treatment known among scholars as “nomina sacra”.  At the bottom of the list is a rendering of the “staurogram”, the tau-rho device as used in early NT manuscripts, as part of the “nomina sacra” treatment of the Greek words for “cross” and “crucify”.

  • The Women, the Tomb and the Ending of Mark The manuscript of my contribution published in A Wandering Galilean:  Essays in Honour of Sean Freyne, eds. Zuleika Rodgers & Margaret Daly-Denton (Leiden:  Brill, 2009), 427-50.
  • Freedom in the NT Manuscript of a contribution to an international project on “Concepts of Freedom in the Biblical Tradition”.  The published version:  “Freed by Love and For Love:  Freedom in the New Testament,” in Quests for Freedom:  Biblical–Historical–Contemporary, ed. Michael Welker.  Neukirchen-Vluyn:  Neukirchener Verlag, 2015.  Pp. 209-27.
  • 20th Cent NT studies.  The published version appears in Religion 39(2009): 43-57.
  • Jesus as Lordly Example.  This is a PDF on an essay published in 1984 in a multi-author volume honoring Frank Beare (a major Canadian NT scholar from yester-year).  It’s been cited favorably in a number of commentaries and other studies subsequently, but reportedly the volume is difficult now to find.
  • This is a link to the Wesley Ministries Network site, where there is information on an 8-lesson DVD course on “Devotion to Jesus in Early Christianity”, which I was asked to film.
  • God of the Living review.  This is my contribution to the panel review session on the book held as part of the SBL annual meeting November 2011.
  • Worship–NIDB.  This is the pre-publication version of my article, “Worship, NT Christian,” published in The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, ed. Katharine Doob Sakenfeld (Nashville:  Abingdon Press, 2006-2009), 5: 910-23.
  • Christology–NIDB.  The pre-publication version of my article, “Christology,” published in The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, ed. Katharine Doob Sakenfeld (Nashville:  Abingdon Press, 2006-2009), 1: 612-22.

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