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“Texts and Traditions”: New Volume on NT

September 19, 2014

In an earlier posting (here), I mentioned the publication of an essay of mine in a new multi-author volume:  Texts and Traditions:  Essays in Honour of J. Keith Elliott (Leiden:  Brill, 2014), and in today’s mail I received my complimentary copy.  (The publisher’s online catalogue entry on the volume is here.

This allows me now to see the full line-up of contributors, and I’m honoured to be among such an impressive group.  These include Michael Holmes, David Parker, Jenny Read-Heimerdinger, James Kelhoffer, James Voeltz, Tijtze Baarda, Peter Doble, Jeffrey Kloha, Hugh Houghton, Holger Strutwolf, J. Lionel North, and Peter Head, all of whom have written on various matters related to Elliott’s interest in NT textual criticism.

There are also contributions by David Cartlidge (on the impact of the extra-canonical text, Protevangelium Jacobi, in Christian art), my Edinburgh colleague Paul Foster (on “The Education of Jesus in the Infancy Gospel of Thomas”), Denise Rouger & Christian-B. Ampoux (on the “literary project” of Ignatius of Antioch reflected in his epistle to the Ephesians), and William Elliott (on cases where lectionary titles have been inserted into NT Greek manuscripts).

For a full list of contributors and the titles of their contributions, see the publisher’s online catalogue entry cited above.

Hearty congratulations to Keith Elliott for a long and distinguished career of contributions to NT textual criticism and also to the study of early Christian apocrypha.  And he ain’t done yet!


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