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Review of “Gospel of the ‘Lots’ of Mary”

February 12, 2015

I’m pleased to note a newly-published review of the monograph by Anne Marie Luijendijk, Forbidden Oracles?  The Gospel of the Lots of Mary (Tuebingen:  Mohr-Siebeck, 2014) available here.  Sarah Parkhouse (graduate student, Durham University) offers a mainly descriptive account of the book and Luijendijk’s analysis of the miniature codex to which the book is devoted.  So, for those of us who don’t yet have the monograph and are curious about that codex, Parkhouse’s review is very helpful, and may whet one’s appetite for the book itself.

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  1. Larry,
    I offered some thoughts about the publication and the text itself at , Quite a bit of the book can be read in the online preview.

  2. Oh bummer. I feel cheated. I thought YOU were going to review it here Larry.

    • Too many things on my (writing) plate, and the text in question takes us beyond the scope of my own claim to any competence.

      • which is why your opinion is so valuable. you don’t pretend to know stuff you don’t.

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