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Commentary on Luke: Wolter in English Translation

December 20, 2017

The second/final volume of the English translation of Michael Wolter’s massive commentary on the Gospel of Luke has just appeared:  The Gospel According to Luke: Volume II (Luke 9:51–24), in the Baylor-Mohr Siebeck Studies in Early Christianity series.  The German original was published in 2008, and the first volume of the English translation appeared in 2016.

With a combined page-count of 1,162 pp., it is one of the most substantial resources available on the Gospel of Luke. The endorsements from major scholars that adorn the book-jacket attest to the quality of the work.

Wolter is Professor of New Testament in the Faculty of Protestant Theology, University of Bonn, and is the author of a number of other books, including Paul:  An Outline of His Theology (also in English translation from Baylor University Press).

Hearty thanks to Wayne Coppins and Christoph Heilig, who translated this massive work.

The publisher’s information on the two volumes of the Luke commentary is here and here.

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  1. Gary permalink

    I am currently reviewing Raymond Brown’s masterpiece, “The Death of the Messiah”, a scholarly commentary on the four Passion stories in the Gospels. I welcome any input:

    • Gary: Brown’s study deserves to be read.

      • Gary permalink

        I agree. I have a great deal of respect for Raymond Brown. To me, his only agenda is the discovery of the truth. If the evidence agrees with traditional Christianity, fine. If the evidence contradicts traditional Christianity, that is fine too.

  2. Is there a good book that explores the differences between Acts and Paul?

    • Almost any study of Paul will have to give some attention to how to use Acts as evidence.

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